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Sunday, January 20, 2013

UK government minister entirely insults intelligence of all Internet users

By claiming that £37billion 100-mile train route can help spread broadband - his name is Simon Burns and it's the most disingenuous comment about the Internet infrastructure ever. But it allowed this great comment on the story:
"Er.. yeah, the internet is already taking up far too much space on this crowded island, everywhere you seem to look these days the view is blighted by an enormous and unsightly internet.
"The internet already covers an area of the UK equivalent to the size of Wales (although not in Wales, obviously).
"If a separate internet connection went all the way from London to Manchester it would virtually divide the country in two, think of the extra journey times for people travelling from Bristol to Leicester having to go around it and the extra traffic it would add to the M25.
"It's so refreshing that government ministers are ready to do something about it by covering the whole unsightly intrusive mess in a nice expensive high speed rail track. I'm considering something similar with my son's Hornby set and the mess of cables behind my PC." Brilliant!

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