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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Netherlands first country in Europe with net neutrality - once the law is corrected 15 May?

Netherlands first country in Europe with net neutrality « Bits of Freedom: "Due to a voting error in the second chamber of the Dutch parliament, an exception to the principle of net neutrality was introduced which allowed for a specific, narrow restriction of services and websites on ideological grounds. The provision allowed to restrict services (unofficial translation): “e. to grant an explicit request of the subscriber to restrict services or applications on the basis of ideological motives specified by the subscriber, if the provider does not offer the subscriber any monetary or other advantage and the provider already offered the possibility to grant such a request before 1 June 2011.”" The first chamber now adopted the first act (which included the voting error), but will only vote on the second act (which corrected the voting error) on the 15th of May. If this error remains in place, there is a theoretic possibility of this provision being abused by providers (blocking Skype for ideological purposes), but we hope that there is a majority in favor of correction. Hope this is clear: it is not very simple..." 'via Blog this'

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