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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

It's official! Dutch 3-strikes/DPI/net neutrality law

"New legislation in the Netherlands makes it the first country in Europe to establish a legal framework supporting net neutrality. In addition to the net neutrality provisions, the law contains language that restricts when ISPs can wiretap their users, and limits the circumstances under which ISPs can cut off a subscriber’s Internet access altogether. The anti-wiretapping section of the new law specifies that ISPs may not use technologies like deep packet inspection (DPI), except under limited circumstances, or with explicit consent from the ISP’s customer, or to comply with a court order or other legislative provisions."
Frankly Section 7.4 of the Telecommunications Act (Dutch blog readers, am I correct in citation?) is more important for what it misses on neutrality (i.e. all providers decided to stop selling data-only mobile to avoid WhatsApp cannibalising them), but very interesting precedent on consumer protections against DPI and 3-strikes. The first pro-consumer No Disconnect law?
There's a very useful cut-out-and-keep guide to the law by E.M. Lokke Moerel here.

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