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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Updates on Virgin throttling and UKGov wants to impose for offshore gambling

Speaking no evil as usual, but Virgin's 'trial' (sic) has throttled gamers - just as TalkTalk's throttling did 5 years ago to kick net neutrality off in the UK: "I'm playing Rift and the game was fine, with no latency problems, then all of a sudden my game starts lagging out and nothing working," posted customer Del528 on a thread stretching over pages and featuring largely negative responses. "I looked at my latency in game and it was varying from 560ms to 15,000ms, same again today. Is it a coincidence this is happening at the same time you start your trial? I don't think so. I pay money for a service from yourselves and you're failing."
The UK government had the lunatic plan of blocking offshore gambling - not quite as ineffective as the stupidity of #censilia's plans for kiddie prOn (which Netherlands ISPs explain is all off-net) - but still..

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