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Friday, March 11, 2011

Prescient 1999 study for Council of Europe on (pre)'net neutrality' and media ownership

This young guy was excellent (it was drafted in June, revised in October '99) - whatever happened to him:
"5.4. Where a proprietary ISP offers content cached – stored – on a server local to the consumer, speed of access to that content is exponentially higher than for non-proprietary content. This is even more the case for digital cable modem ISPs, such as @Home and Roadrunner... Whether at this stage of Internet development in Europe, the US model will prove equally successful in the case of dominant European ISPs, is debatable, but it does point towards further research on the degree to which subscribers access non-proprietary pages...[5.7] Any legislative action at this stage may be considered premature, given the rapid growth in the market. Research and monitoring of the market must be an absolute regulatory priority. The degree to which consumers actually browse a diversity of content sites is a critically important research question in the interest of diversity."

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