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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Ray Corrigan on Ofcom net neutrality consult

Inspired (?sic?) by the relentless discussion of consumers/competition/transparency at the POLIS seminar this week, Ray has written his reply to the Ofcom consultation, in which he makes good points about the narrow consumerist economics focus of the Ofcom framing of the issue, and the need for some universal service consideration by government. He also makes vital points about monitoring the networks (against whom, let it be added, Ofcom has not listened to a single complaint) - and that the easier Ofcom makes it, the less transparent:
"Assessment of published documents pertaining to network operators' claimed operating procedures is relatively straightforward. Actually ensuring operators are following the letter and the spirit of their own publicly available procedures is more difficult. Measurement of actual operations and net user harm is complex and the temptation would be for an independent auditor (Ofcom?) to measure metrics which are easy to measure rather than those that provide truly informative indicators of sector practice." Bravo!

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