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Monday, September 13, 2010

Cisco, Canvas and Economists

BT and Cisco have just announced they'll be streaming UK TV content via Cisco's CDN rather than over BT's wholesale network. It'll be interesting to see TalkTalk's response to that - Canvas is all well and good if you can deliver it to your broadband subscribers. Sky is rather obviously opposed, but that's not news.
On the subject of Cisco, their infamous hockey stick net traffic graph was reproduced in an otherwise excellent Economist piece which is great undergrad primer material on net neutrality. Unsurprisingly The Economist agrees with the Ofcom economists' answer that more local loop competition is the answer, quoting the Berkman study dissed by the network duopoly's lawyers last autumn - to which we might ask why Canvas and CDNs then become so important in apparently 'competitive' UK ISPs? But the clue is in the journal's title. It does quote at length Kevin Werbach and even the excellent Debora Spar - who would tell you to follow the money...

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