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Monday, May 24, 2010

UK government: BBC digital fee will be used for rural broadband

The Coalition has announced its broadband policy (in the coalition document which means it will be judged on whether it achieves it):
"We will introduce measures to ensure the rapid roll-out of superfast broadband across the country. We will ensure that BT and other infrastructure providers allow the use of their assets to deliver such broadband, and we will seek to introduce superfast broadband in remote areas at the same time as in more populated areas. If necessary, we will consider using the part of the TV licence fee that is supporting the digital switchover to fund broadband in areas that the market alone will not reach."
Nothing on the Digital Economy Act, as you might expect. Mr Murdoch had something to say on that...
UPDATE: Ed Vaizey is the new Minister for telecoms and the digital economy, formally in COMS but working across departments - he's a Tory, regular junior to Jeremy Hunt. Don't expect any great changes except more duct sharing and nods to Ofcom paying itself less.

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