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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sanity in London and insanity in Washington

'Rejoice, rejoice' - well its not exactly a new dawn, more a chilly evening, but the UK has a coalition government of Conservatives and Liberal Democrats. This could be very important for broadband policy - more later today.
Meanwhile, in DC, more craziness. Apparently 'Net Brutality' is the new slogan of the frothing teabaggers, with funding from those who should know better. Will the US ever focus on faster residential broadband?
In case anyone would like to try, Kevin Werbach has organised an excellent seminar 27 May.
UPDATE: 'Net brutality' is actually a 3-year old frothing teabagger slogan:
'The phrase "Net Brutality" may have been first used three years ago when FreedomWorks chairman Dick Armey, now a prominent figure in the tea party movement, assailed a Maryland proposal that he said would not allow Internet service companies to charge different prices for different amounts of bandwidth.' 
Thanks to Laura at NNSquad via InterestingPeople!

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