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Friday, December 11, 2009

Parliamentary technology debate reaches a new low? Peter Luff of UK Industry Select Committee

This is quite wonderfully depressing stuff from a high-placed policy maker in what is likely to be the British government from spring 2010:

Q191 Chairman: What I heard about South Korea is that the only impact has been that the movie industry has had to withdraw entirely from South Korea as it is now impossible to control piracy of movies. These very super-fast download speeds mean that Hollywood Studios can no longer make money out of flogging films in South Korea, it has just become a pirate's paradise.
Mr Timms: If you look at online computer games Korea is the centre worldwide for the development of computer games.
Q192 Chairman: So when you have masses of public money you tax pensioners to enable people to pay computer games?
Mr Timms: No, my point about South Korea is that there is a substantial industry developing those games in South Korea which has been enabled because South Korea has such good broadband.
Q193 Chairman: There are people out there listening to all this who think I am a complete Luddite.

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