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Wednesday, March 07, 2018

REVIEW: Network neutrality: From policy to law to regulation

Network neutrality: From policy to law to regulation, Christopher T. Marsden, Manchester University Press, Manchester, UK (2017), p. 304, Paperback, £24.99, ISBN: 9781526105486 - ScienceDirect: "The writing style of the author is readily accessible and exceptionally readable. This is important for a text to have an audience beyond academia. In particular, the description in Chapter 4 of the way in which the European Union, in its various forms, created ‘a messy compromise’ law was fascinating. This chapter provides a fabulous case study in European Union regulatory decision making.

This volume would sit well as a reference in either the law or regulation of the digital economy. However, its widest appeal is likely to be as a postgraduate text in either law or business. Its accessibility means that it should have a broader appeal as a text in areas such as politics or policy studies. It would also be valuable to practitioners in at least two areas.

The first area is competition law, where it would appeal to regulated industries, their advisors and associated policy makers. The volume's investigation into a flawed policy process provides valuable insights.

The second area is that of communications enterprises. The book will provide practitioners in this space with a basis to understand where network neutrality law and policy is likely move next." 'via Blog this'

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