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Thursday, December 08, 2016

Hungary bans largest mobile operator from zero rating its own video - 1 Dec. report.

Google Translate article 1/12/2016: "National Media and Communications Authority applied at EU level among the first EU on network neutrality regulations when ordered Magyar Telekom to ensure interference-free Internet service, terminate the offending traffic management measures. The Authority examined the terms of the GO TV service since stated that the distinction between TV provider and HBO GO GO access to services compared to all other Internet traffic and applications, despite the provisions of the European Union for network neutrality."
"The NMIAH rules on network neutrality enforcement [meant it] investigated Magyar Telekom's mobile subscription available "unlimited TV and Film" monthly fee option, within the context of TV GO and HBO GO service. The  investigation was closed November 21 [and] found that the provider of the content concerned unlawfully distinguished over all other Internet traffic and applications, and their use had not counted all your subscription data traffic."

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