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Friday, October 07, 2016

Comcast Expands 1 TB/month Data Caps To Another 23 Markets; Consumeris

Comcast Expands Data Caps To Another 23 Markets Starting Nov. 1 – Consumerist: "The caps (they gave up on “thresholds“) have been slowly spreading across new cities for years, and in a a blog post today, Comcast confirmed that it’s bringing “data plans” (read as: broadband service limits) to “many markets” nationwide.

Users who go over the limit of 1 TB of data used in a billing cycle will get a stern warning. Customers get two “courtesy months” in a year without being billed for overage. After that, it’s overage charges, much like a traditional wireless plan. Your service won’t be cut off or throttled; you’ll just suddenly see extra charges on your next bill." I dream of 1TB/month 'via Blog this'

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