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Tuesday, July 05, 2016

'Zero rating' battle throws [Canada] net neutrality in doubt: Geist, Toronto Star

'Zero rating' battle throws net neutrality in doubt: Geist | Toronto Star: "A group of Canada’s largest radio station owners (including Rogers Media, Newcap and Corus Entertainment) also warn about the dangers of differential pricing, noting that it “could provide unlicensed or non-Canadian audio services with an undue advantage and/or cause an undue disadvantage to licensed commercial radio stations.”

 In fact, smaller ISPs and telecom companies are also concerned with differential pricing. TBayTel, a telecom company based in Thunder Bay, argues that “the practice of exempting certain service applications such as music or video streaming from a subscriber’s data plan cap should not be allowed.” 

A CRTC hearing on zero rating and differential pricing is planned for the fall, but it is already clear that a retreat from Canada’s well-established net neutrality principles will face vocal opposition from government, consumer groups and a growing number of industry players." 'via Blog this'

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