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Monday, April 18, 2016

Wireless Industry Survey: Everybody Really Loves Zero Rating

Wireless Industry Survey: Everybody Really Loves Zero Rating | Techdirt: "The majority of consumers still don't really understand what zero rating is, much less that there's some obvious hidden costs involved.

As such, when approached with "free" services, they're thrilled.

They generally don't understand that the usage caps selected by their ISP are an arbitrary, artificial construct to begin with, untethered to financial or network congestion reality. Or that the very practice of giving wealthier, bigger companies cap-exempt status puts other smaller companies (and non-profits and educational efforts) at a very real disadvantage in the market. Or that over the years, data has shown that caps aren't an effective way to target network congestion, can hinder innovation, hurt competitors (especially if an ISP's exempting only its own services), and confuse consumers, many of whom aren't even sure what a gigabyte is.

So yes, it's complicated, and requires some education. " 'via Blog this'

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