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Friday, March 25, 2016

UK: CCIS continued obsession with child safety over net neutrality

UK child safety forum has been running a filtering WG for years - but now a law will have to be passed excepting major ISPs from the EU Regulation. Discussion included:

"The filters working group is long running and has made significant
progress. Does the board feel the group still has work to do and should
continue? And should Dave Miles continue as Chair, as he has
volunteered to do?

16.Discussion followed with these points raised:

16.1. Julian Ashworth – some issues should continue to be
considered, although potentially through other working groups, for
instance around awareness, evidence and education. Net neutrality
regulation impact is a key issue currently - the group could continue to
cover that, and then pass other bits of work to other groups.

16.2. Sonia Livingstone felt a continued focus on over and under
blocking is needed, and wasn’t sure this could be taken forward by
any other groups – it requires a watching brief.

16.3. Iain Wood felt that now filters are established, concerns about
over and under blocking have lessened. The principal issues for
TalkTalk concern are net neutrality and parental awareness of
technical tools. Internet Matters has a huge part to play here. How do
we get to the point where parents are aware of and comfortable using
filters?" 'via Blog this'

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