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Monday, June 01, 2015

Why Netflix Traffic Keeps Soaring - Interconnection stops Throttling

Why Netflix Traffic Keeps Soaring | Light Reading: ""The core bandwidth for Netflix had been rather constrained since they didn't have these interconnect agreements," Sumits said. "So as a result, the adaptive bitrate streaming and Netflix's calibration were tuned to that available bandwidth. And then as they reached these interconnect agreements, it opened up, and the bitrates automatically bumped up, so any of the operators in the US who made these agreements saw their streaming traffic increase very significantly."

 In other words, once connections improved, video streaming quality automatically improved as well, with Netflix traffic swelling to take up any newly available bandwidth.

Sandvine Inc. (London: SAND; Toronto: SVC) also noted in its report that a recent Netflix decision to encrypt video delivery means that a majority of traffic in both North America and Latin America will be encrypted starting in 2016." 'via Blog this'

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