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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

European law and network measurement: 2007/176/EC


"7.   Quality of service (QoS)

Technical interfaces and/or service features

User related QoS parameter definitions and measurements
ETSI EG 202 057 series
(parts 1 to 4)

Quality of telecom services;
ETSI EG 202 009 series
(parts 1 to 3)
Parameters relevant to the users
Performance parameter definitions for quality of speech and other voice band applications utilising IP networks
ITU-T Recommendation G.1020 (Including annex A)  

Under Articles 11 and 22 of the Universal Service Directive, national regulatory authorities may in specified circumstances require the use of certain standards and/or specifications for supply-time and quality-of-service parameters, definitions and measurement methods. These standards and/or specifications are listed in Annex III of the Directive.

7.1.   Grade of Service

Technical interfaces and/or service features
End-user multimedia QoS categories
ITU-T Recommendation G.1010 (11/01)

7.2.   Network performance objectives

The present List of Standards only includes standards and/or specifications relevant to IP based services.
Technical interfaces and/or service features

Network performance objectives for IP-based services
ITU-T Recommendation Y.1541 (including Appendix X and Amendments 1 and 2)
Some technologies may need special treatment on tolerances.

Quality of Service (QoS) concept and architecture
ETSI TS 123 107
(3GPP TS 23.107)
Mapping between ITU-T Recommendation Y.1541 and TS 123107 QoS Classes " 'via Blog this'

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