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Friday, December 05, 2014

Germany: privatisation of 32% stake in DTelekom - see why they will veto net neutrality?

Germany quietly shelves idea of Deutsche Bahn privatisation | Reuters: "In its report on state assets, the government is laying out plans for the possible privatisation of stakes in firms such as Deutsche Telekom and Deutsche Post.

Merkel's "grand coalition" promises to balance the federal budget next year for the first time since 1969. Selling such stakes could help it do that at a time of slowing growth. It could also free up cash for public investments when Merkel is under pressure to spend more to stimulate the economy.

The government holds a 31.7 percent stake in Deutsche Telekom and a 21 percent stake in Deutsche Post. Together, the stakes could fetch about 24 billion euros, though the government could choose to sell a portion rather than all of its shares."

Turkeys don't vote for Christmas, the government is entirely conflicted in regulating Telekom. That's why it has been advised to sell....

Also note that Telekom is trying to offload both its US and UK mobile arms - and net neutrality would negatively affect both sales to some extent. It's worth billions...'via Blog this'

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