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Friday, June 13, 2014

EU Member States Remain Divided Over Net Neutrality

EU Member States Remain Divided Over Net Neutrality, Mobile Fees, Spectrum Policy | Bloomberg BNA: "“The only consensus on the issue of net neutrality was the support for the need for a definition that will be clear and viable for the long-term,” said the council official. “For example, the definitions of Internet access service and specialized services as outlined in the European Commission proposal need to be clarified. “While member states agree that there is a need to get the right balance between net neutrality and reasonable traffic management, they have different views on how to achieve it and therefore there is no consensus on the underlying principles.”

In advance of the meeting in Luxembourg, telecom companies and as well as the information-technology trade association Digital Europe, which includes companies such as Microsoft Corp. and Apple Inc., insisted that traffic management—including offering specialized services at higher speeds—wasn't an “either/or” proposition." 'via Blog this'

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