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Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Those Who Remember History... Werblog

Those Who Remember History... | Werblog: "Ultimately, the point of history isn’t to understand the past; it’s to appreciate the present.  By looking backwards, we can understand better how we got here, distill lessons from experience, and appreciate how similar situations looked to prior generations. That doesn’t work when we’re looking forward, because we have no perspective on the present.  We can project into the future, but we’re apt to get it wrong by relying on our fresh and localized perceptions of the current state of affairs.  Going back not just to the origins of the telephone and broadcasting, but to earlier networks that in their time were seen as equally revolutionary, helps to wash out the local details and throw the essential concepts into starker relief.  In this regard, Net Effects is the kind of work we should want our leaders to be studying, and doing." 'via Blog this'

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