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Thursday, April 25, 2013

British PM Cameron backs 'clean wi-fi' porn block in public places

BBC News - PM backs 'clean wi-fi' porn block in public places: "David Cameron has pledged to promote "good, clean, wi-fi" in public spaces.It follows a campaign by a number of children's charities to get sites with adult content restricted in public areas with wi-fi internet access. Mr Cameron told the Telegraph he wanted people to "have confidence in public wi-fi systems so that they are not going to see things they shouldn't". The Children's Charities Coalition on Internet Safety welcomed the comments and said any deal was "long overdue"." Ever been to the UK high street? The list of chav fashion crimes and goose-fleshed blue legs and worse makes most Internet porn look discrete and tasteful....Cameron is the arch populist. 'via Blog this'

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