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Monday, March 04, 2013

Neelie Kroes: @Habemus papam - Opinion: Neelie Kroes: @Habemus papam: "It’s not the public consultation rounds that are to blame. Every Commission proposal is subject to several consultation rounds which, by the way, take up far too much time. But we are not reaching the right people and that is something that concerns my colleagues and myself. The decisions made in Brussels don’t just have to be explained and understood. People should also have the opportunity to have a say and express their support or criticism. The social media make this possible. I receive questions, messages and opinions 24/7. This is no longer a nice fringe activity, it is an integral part of politics and governance. We are moving towards a culture in which transparency and accountability are the norm. That includes the European Commission. " They can try... 'via Blog this'

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