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Saturday, August 04, 2012

How Google Forced Verizon to Allow Smartphone Tethering

How Google Forced Verizon to Allow Smartphone Tethering - Technology Review: "The FCC settlement was made under rules set in 2007, when it auctioned off a chunk of radio channels known as the C block for use for mobile communications. Verizon bought that for $9.63bn, but only after Google intentionally drove up the price to trigger conditions that restricted the eventual winner to allowing “open devices and open applications” on connections using it. It was those rules that caused the FCC to force yesterday’s settlement. Verizon has made C block radio frequencies a core part of its wireless data network. That is correctly seen as a victory by those campaigning for “net neutrality”, who say it removes an egregious example of an internet service provider restricting what a person may do with a connection they are paying for". Schmidt's diplomacy with Verizon is from a previous less principled Google? 'via Blog this'

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