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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

TPRC 2011: great papers by Clark/Lehr/Bauer, Cooper/Soppera, Chery, Frieden and others

Well, it turns out there was tons of net neutrality stuff - just under different titles! Main things I learnt:
[1] DPI seems to be bought as single-use, forget security-bandwidth management conspiracy theories..(Mueller)
[2] web video is really growing at zettaflood pace (Cooper);
[3] BITAG was actually used once, last week,
[4] no blocking plus QoS on FRAND terms is gaining ground at least amongst academics as least bad solution (Bauer, Cherry, Frieden);
[5] we have little or no idea how much OTT video bandwidth costs, but we know its important to know (Clark/Lehr/Bauer) and outages on QoS do suggest some recompense for consumers (ditto)!

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