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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Quebec to provide $900mCAN stimulus funding for fibre

[Via Bill St Arnaud] As I sit in Montreal with pricey but decent cable broadband, this state government budget item shows the government taking rural and suburban fibre seriously:
Page 96: The implementation of a strategy for the digital economy: To address these important issues for economic development in Quebec, the government intends to implement a strategy for the digital economy. The strategy's main objective is to increase the capacity of citizens, businesses and organizations to take full advantage of possibilities offered by digital technologies. Quebec's strategy seeks primarily to provide Quebec with a network providing high speed Internet service in all regions of Quebec by 2020.
For Quebec to take its place among the digital companies, modern and prosperous investments totaling $900 million in infrastructure will be [made] by 2020... It is expected that 20% of this sum will be invested in various suburban areas in Quebec, while the remaining amount will be spent in the more remote areas. The success of this strategy involves the development and enhancement of capacity of existing infrastructure, both public and private. It is expected that these strategic investments will be made largely on networks currently in place. The deployment strategy will therefore pressing the assets installed in the territory of Quebec.

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