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Thursday, December 02, 2010

Nyet neutrality in US and UK?

Marvin Ammori further fillets the FCC 'compromise' (if I move to the far right, you have to follow me to compromise). Meanwhile, Jean-Jacques Sahel opens up on Ofcom on two fronts, a letter by the content boys except the BBC which was not competent to sign in time, and a biting reply to a ludicrous Ofcom spin on some research that shows we have lots of smartphones but very restricted mobile data plans so can't use them properly. I could not have signed the letter, it talks self-regulation and I am now Dr Co-regulation....
I write this on my 5GB monthly capped 3 dongle which I will try to use for a Skype confcall tomorrow PM.
UPDATE: Rob Frieden's masterful analysis combined with his posting on Level3 and peering, makes a strong case that whatever happens will be likely viewed 'skeptically' by the courts.

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