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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Net neutrality, wise monkeys redux.

The most explosive comment of the 'sommet' on Thursday was from Thomas Nortvedt of the Norwegian Department of Consumer Advocacy (the Tories would shut that like they shut Consumer Focus). He reiterated my 'three wise monkeys' article - you can't say you're mere conduits for the E-Commerce Directive then claim you want to deep packet inspect for paid content. Its one or the other, chaps - an inconvenient truth.
There is an excellent balanced summary from  Ray Corrigan here - though as he have agreed with me I hope I'm not being overly self-serving. As an engineer, his sadness at the lack of proper analysis is manifest.
The BBC was told to 'show me the money' by Robert Madelin - and they have (courtesy of Rhona Parry).
My conclusion remains the same - this problem is deep enough in the plumbing that unless you have a smoking gun (Madison River, Comcast) or the brilliantly indiscrete Charlie Dunstone, you'll not find it unless you look - and the equally wise monkey regulators are not going to go there (yes, I duplicated my metaphor, I liked it so much)- except ARCEP?


Unknown said...

Hi! Just a quick note: the whole Parliament is covered by WiFi, including the room we were in for the summit (and that's why we could keep tweeting! :) ). You had to take login and password in the Infocenter (a matter of 10 seconds).


chris said...

Aha - and the infocenter was in Room 1.A.35 I was told - so I asked a few people who worked in the building (in my schoolboy French;-) and they had no idea where it was - hence, nada WiFi...