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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Pretty iPhones and iPads but AT&T won't let you max them out

Very interesting to see the data caps being put on the AT&T Wireless network: 200MB for the many (65%, they say) at only $15/month, 2GB for heavy users, increasing usage at $10 per GB. Forget the idea that your shiny Apple device will replace fixed-line access (even with free WiFi use on these plans). But you can keep your existing contract/device and even renew it so the glide into these caps is gradual.
To repeat the obvious: mobile is NO SUBSTITUTE for fixed. Regulators need to grasp this.
'The new high-end plan, called DataPro, gets you 2GB of data use for $25 per month. If you go over 2GB, you'll pay $10 for each 1GB increment. For example, if you use 3.5GB, you'll pay $25 + 10 + 10, or $45 for the month. AT&T is not offering an unlimited data tier at any price. The company says that 98 percent of its customers use less than 2GB of data, so among these two plans, all but the heaviest data users should theoretically save on their monthly bill....unless you are interested in the new smartphone tethering plan. AT&T will charge you an additional $20 to use your smartphone for wireless data use with a laptop or other device. However, tethering can only be combined with the 2GB DataPro plan...These pricing plans go into effect on June 7 for all new AT&T customers signing up for new contracts, and current users can switch to the new plans without a contract extension. Those that are currently on a two-year contract for a $30 per month unlimited data plan can continue to use it, and can even renew their contract and keep the same data plan as long as they continue to use the same device.'

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