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Friday, July 24, 2009

Twitter and mobile net neutrality

If its been quiet the past week, that's because I've been weaving through the rights jungle trying to watch the Ashes and Lance Armstrong on the Internet, settling for audio and delayed video of the cricket (well done, Freddie!) and video of the cycling in English and without ads, too, courtest of Versus.

I also got into Twitter, mainly to follow the cricket and cycling stars who bypass the official media this way (Armstrong has 1.6million Twitter followers).

Its interesting to me to see how Twitter is having to negotiate with UK mobile networks to secure a bulk texting contract so avoid prohibitive standard wholesale charges, and has cut deals with Vodafone (sort of) and O2. These services are fleeced by mobile networks and will not succeed without net neutral regulation or market power. Does Ofcom care, except as a user?

Anyhoo, follow me on Twitter and you'll see I'm off to Nova Scotia for a week's holidays - bonnes vacances, eh?

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