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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Columbia University after the Marconi Foundation conference - Bob Kahn very interesting on CEPT and ITU, the day his Congressional Medal of Honour was announced. By coincidence I'd just been with Andrew McLaughlin at Google, works with Vint Cerf - who didn't make it. But then Pepper was in Japan on Monday when I had lunch with Adam Golodner at Cisco. On the right is Gordon Moore receiving his lifetime achievement award - third so far. He's a 'mensch' apparently - not unter or uber. Eli invited me, met Senator Pressler (nice guy from South Dakota, really cares about the Internet), Beth and Nadine oh-so-briefly, and Elena wowed them. Fibernet guy and wife blissfully happy - in fact, 3 very happy couples at one table - shock horror!

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