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Friday, August 05, 2005

August in England

2 months in at RAND, and two outstanding thoughts - [1] there's a lot of proposal writing but not a lot of organisation, even if more than Oxford; [2] there's so much potential in the people/brains there, but it needs a lot of bringing out. Lots of people who need to know about RAND in Cambridge don't yet. AND of course this bloody laptop is rubbish and has been for 2 months - which proves point 1 above!
As for living in London - very pleasant, really enjoying it, good concerts, bars, restaurants and company. Commuting to Cambridge 3 times a week is great if you get the right train, and the cycling, fresh air, beautiful scenery really takes the edge of living in central metropolis.
The bombs - barely affect me however close they are. I've lived in far more interesting times - Yemen, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Iran, India - so this is safer than my normal holiday.
Speaking of which - Menorca and Barcelona next month, USA October - and still hoping to get Kilimanjaro tied down for Christmas.
But first, Stourbridge and cricket! Cleshes for the Eshes!!!

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