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Saturday, February 05, 2005

Almost reached the finishing line!

Ellen Macarthur is on Day 70 of her round-the-world trip - and I'm 10 weeks into my struggle to get through the English winter. The sunny days have been in single figures, it's just been terrible (not quite as heroic as she, but...). Now it's warm and cloudy, much better than the horrific first half of December, and that freezing fog weather. Teaching Thursdays and beginning the seminar series has made it much easier, together with the renewed Cambridge saga. I might even restart my social life sometime soon - I put that in the deep freeze at Halloween...
Saw the riigby today - France as awful as when I saw them given a hiding by 'Les Noirs' in November - just as Ellen and I began our dark journey into daylight. England almost as bad...
I spent a good day gardening yesterday - have the rose thorn scars on my nose to prove it! With a lot of pruning and a bit of digging, the garden should be ready for spring. Daffodils are poking up, crocuses (croci?) about to flower.
Opposite, they've started building some flats - earthmovers appeared on the other side of the canal 8am on 1st February - well, it's the first swallow perhaps:)

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