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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Paris - the Louvre, the Irish pub, the Hotel Monge

It was a very big effort to get to Paris - after teaching cybercrime and data protection seminars until 7pm, first weeks of each and very nice group (9 of the group are the same for both classes - so it's like a 4 hour seminar for them, poor sods!). Drove back to Oxford in 2 hours, woke at 4.21am for drive to Heathrow. Then got to Paris 9.45, spoke from 10-11, listened hard to the discussion til 1.20, lunch til 2.45 (pretty good but no gastronauts' miracles - has Barcelona spoilt me?).
I slept for 3 hours at charming little hotel, went for a walk on the evening, very quiet around Notre Dame, beautiful, and then popped into an Irish pub by Place St Michel, ended up having about half a dozen Guiness and chatting to very nice people, French language students from Espana, Italia, UK. Saturday Louvre, great 'Christ and the adulteress' by Italian artist I'd never heard of before, and back to UK. It woke me up from my winter's sleep for a day or so...
Now planning vaguely to be in Seville for Easter - which would be fantastic!! Alex is keen - and it'd be a nice return from my teaching til end-March.

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