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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Post-China and not Estonia

It's warm and soon to be raining again - hussah! Went for a run this AM and even kicked a football around - spring in the air?
Or maybe it's because the Chinese telecom lectures went with a swing - hopefully more next year judging by the reaction - language and cultural barriers notwithstanding. Chester was heroic on getting mandarin to translate to Cantonese to English and back again, not just on my speech but also on the slides.
And Estonia didn't happen - invited and disinvited. Probably just as well, because I need a break and London networking - not more cold weather and lecturing. Still - iLaw, you owe me!
Daffy's back and forgetful - no change - and I realise how much I've been hibernating the last month - really cut myself off a lot.
Saw 'When we were kings' again last night - so pretty, a bad man, and shook up the world!!! Amen.

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